Stress + Pain = Hell!

pain pain management stress Sep 15, 2019

I hear this question over and over again: Is it normal to have flare-ups when I’m under stress?

Sound familiar?

My answer is this:

Yes! A resounding YES!

We talk about stress as though it was this annoying thing that interferes with our lives, but not something that takes center stage. Well, think again.

Stress is something that can change your entire world….and I mean that. Literally. Stress can cause heart attacks. Unrelieved stress can cause your immune system to go haywire. Stress can cause high blood pressure and weight gain, as well as dozens of other conditions.

In fact, I’ll go out on a limb here and say that unresolved stress is at least a contributing factor to 90% of the conditions that push people to seek medical care. And to go even further out on that limb, I’d say that it’s probably the main contributing factor.

You might not be able to control your boss, or the demands made of you at work. You might not be able to control your spouse...

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Proper Alignment for Pain Control

alignment pain stress tension Mar 03, 2019


Pain will naturally cause tension in the body. It's how your body plans on protecting itself. So your body will tighten up, tense up, curl up....and that not only doesn't help, it can also make matters worse.

Here's a simple technique to improve your alignment so that you can help decrease your pain, and the stress that comes with it.

Come join us in my private Facebook group called Plan B for Pain! There's inspiration, laughter and community waiting for you! Remember, there's always a Plan B!

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