Chinese Medicine and Sound Healing

Who seeks sound therapy, and how does it relate to Chinese Medicine?

Let's say there's someone who tends to obsess over things, like a dog "worrying" a bone. Another person tends to anger easily. A third person is fearful....etc. And let's say that each of these people has pain. The pain will show up quite differently in each case. One might get stomach aches, another will tend to sprain an ankle or shoulder, while the third one might complain of low back or knee pain. In each case, there is an imbalance in the energy system of that person which incorporates the whole person - not just the bodily tissue involved. This is what underlies the term "Mind-Body Medicine" - something that is beginning to be embraced by western medicine, though it's roots trace back thousands of years to ancient China.

Back then, when the bells at each temple were rung, they noticed that when one bell was struck, the others would resonate. This led to the idea that there was an invisible force that connected these bells, and they called that force "qi". We translate this term today as "energy". And when this energy gets "stuck"...when it contracts and stops flowing...we will get sick.

Sound is one way to move energy. Every cell in your body emits sound. Are those cells emitting harmonious sounds? When we intentionally cause one sound to "strike" another - like the bells at the temple - we can alter their energy, frequency and vibration - causing a shift in a person's health


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