Elemental Sound Healing

The system and the process to move you from pain-centered to life-centered 

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You Absolutely CAN Make Changes!

Reduce Your Need For Drugs

Your doctor doesn't want to continue prescribing them anyway...

Focus on What Brings You Joy

Pain can take over your life. Learn how to take control again.

Revive Your Relationships

Chronic pain takes a toll on relationships. Reducing pain levels and focusing on what brings you joy helps all relationships!

What you'll Learn

Why your pills aren't reducing your pain enough, and what you can do about it.

A gentle form of movement plus sound, designed specifically to help you reduce your pain

Breath and sound techniques to teach your brain to turn down it's pain system

"Because of my chronic pain, I had forgotten what brought me joy. With Elemental Sound Healing's "Plan B For Pain", I learned how to dial back my pain enough to enjoy my husband and daughter again"


My mission is to help people with chronic pain move from surviving to living.

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